Rain the Winner

The home game scheduled against Binfield 3rd scheduled for 20th May 2017 was abandoned without a ball bowled. Leading up to the fixture the team was full of optimism and keen to get playing a league fixture again. With good availability throughout the club the team selected was on paper anyway one of the strongest looking teams in recent years.

Despite the warm sunny weather in the morning this unfortunately turned to heavy showers around midday though the heaviest seemed to have missed Waltham St Lawrence until 12.30pm. After a brief shower the two captains took toss and WSL elected to field, this was the highlight of the match as shortly afterwards a brief but heavy shower forced a delayed start. Further inspections, showers and standing water on the square meant at 2.30 the two captains agreed to abandon the game.

Both teams took the excellent tea provided by Hari and Jenna.

What happens in cricket when you abandon a game due to rain? The sun came on and stayed all afternoon! The puddle however was still on the square when I left the ground at 4.30pm so we wouldn’t have played anyway.

WSL 2nd Team track of the day ‘Sunshine on a Rainy Day’ by Zoe. Sponsored by one of DJ Ziggy’s hashtags