Matt Andrews

Matt is entering into his 10th season at WSLCC. Pure aggression with the ball and pure aggression with the bat, Matt only knows how to play one way – and how affective that has proved to be over the years! … More Matt Andrews

Savva Christodoulou

WSLCC have a ground that is the envy of the league, with many commenting that it is the best wicket they have ever played on. This is all thanks to Savva. Not only is he an absolute hero with a roller and some grass seed, but he also knows how to wield a bat in fury, with many notable knocks, including a 49* in the first match this season. … More Savva Christodoulou

Matt Nebbett

Introducing Matt Nebbett, who needs absolutely no introduction at all. Our Sunday captain, right arm bowler, who picks up wickets for fun. The big question is, will we ever see a front foot shot from him? … More Matt Nebbett

Chris England

Another Monday morning, another WSLCC player to introduce you too. This time, it’s our long-standing member and Chairman, Chris England. Chris’ metronomic bowling, explosive batting and
grenadier-like throws have made him ever-present for the 1st XI. … More Chris England