WSLCC Selection Policy

Selection for teams at Waltham St Lawrence CC (WSL) is done by the Selection Committee.  Meetings are held on a weekly basis on Tuesday after the completion of availability on the Monday evening.  Teams are published at the earliest opportunity after that.  This could be Tuesday or if there are selection decisions that require the midweek game to take place, could be later in the week.  It will never be later than a Thursday evening and if the games at the weekend are not at the same start time, more notice will be given. 

The Selection Committee consists of the:

  • Chairman
  • Club Captain
  • Vice-Captain
  • 2 Senior Playing Members

While the Chairman and Senior Playing Members have an input in selection, the Captains have the final say on who is in their team, with final decision residing with the Captain for the coming match (if it is not the Club Captain or Vice-Captain).  This is done as it is vital that captains are happy with the players in their team.

Selection is driven by five criteria:

  • Performance
  • Ability and Potential
  • Experience
  • Commitment (including availability)
  • Attitude and Discipline (including behaviour)

The use of these five criteria is blended; no one element is more important than another.

The 1st XI will be the blend of the best 11 players needed for the forthcoming game.  Sometimes this will see a greater number of batsmen or bowlers, depending on the game circumstances and as such, there will be occasions where the team will change.  This includes occasions where the sides cannot be fulfilled by the playing members – in such instances, if the player joining the club for the weekend is deemed to be part of the best XI for the coming match, they can be included in the 1st XI. 

Selection for midweek gives priority to players who can only play midweek, are unable to play a match the coming weekend, unlikely to get a quality game in terms of batting and bowling, as well as those who are new to cricket.  Secondary to this, the Selection Committee will select players who they need to see in order to support the decision making for future Saturday matches. 

In the event that the club is only fielding one competitive Saturday side for the season, rotation of players may be necessary to ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to play.

If a player is available for selection, they are expected to accept selection, regardless of which team they have been picked to play for.  It is unacceptable for a player to refuse to play based on the team they have been picked for.  All members play for WSLCC, not for a particular team within the club.

Decisions taken by the Selection Team are final; there will be occasions where the coming game requires a different approach.  Members of the Selection Committee are human and will make mistakes – all are happy to be proved wrong!  If a player has questions about selection, they should speak to the Club Captain in the first instance.  In the second instance, they should speak to the Chairman.